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Our Story

Here at Frodeli HQ, we believe that the most exclusive restaurant is your home, where you’re always guaranteed the best seat in the house, not to mention the most delicious desserts! All delivered right to your doorstep.

The folks at Frodeli are passionate about puddings – and who wouldn’t be? Frodeli is committed to bringing our customers a luxury dining experience to tantalise the tastebuds without all the effort of making and baking!  The only possible downside is not getting to lick the spoon… but, then again, no washing up either. Every cloud…!

Frodeli Dessert Trio

Our creative concept, Frodeli, began life as a small spark…  a tiny thought… a simple scribble on a scrap of paper!  So, settle in, and we’ll tell you the story of how Frodeli came to be…

Picture, a chilly January evening in heart of Yorkshire. At home, sits our hero, Eddie, alongside his perfectly patient wife.  Now, in case you hadn’t guessed, our hero has quite the sweet tooth and, having devoured all the Christmas chocolates weeks before, he decides to order a tasty selection of takeaway desserts. After all, what’s a movie night without a little indulgence? Excitedly, they place their order and sit back, Eddie’s foot tapping in anticipation. Suddenly, the sweet chime of the doorbell rings out and Eddie, being the gentleman that he is, spirits the desserts away to serve them in a manner fit for a queen. Spoon at the ready, a smiling Eddie takes out the box, eagerly lifts the lid... and what awaits him? Disappointment. Cold, stale, unadulterated disappointment. Eddie’s smile drops with his spoon. There’s only one place for these desserts and that’s the sad, dark, echoey cavern of the dustbin. Night ruined, Eddie turns off the television and dejectedly climbs the stairs to count sheep.

Unbeaten and undeterred, Eddie sits in his office the following day, the bitter taste of disappointment still lingers on his lips as he browses the internet in search of his perfect pud.  Unbelievably, there are none!  If Eddie couldn’t taste frustration before, he certainly can now. He swiftly snatches a sticky note from his desk and jots down a few words: Quality. Choice. Unique. Finale. Experience. The scribble is born!

The Frodeli Team

Fast forward to today and, after months of hard work, tonnes of dedicated teamwork and more than a few sleepless nights, Frodeli is alive and kicking and raring to go! We are super proud parents of our newest creation and are thrilled to be able to deliver this truly unique experience to our valued customers, bringing you effortless, affordable luxury dining in the comfort of your own home. Who needs a private chef anyway?

So, what are you waiting for? Dig in!