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Home News We Love Mother Nature - Our Sustainability Promise

We Love Mother Nature - Our Sustainability Promise

Frodeli loves Mother Nature and we hope that you do too. 🌎 To discover just how dedicated we really are, have a read of our Sustainability Promise and you'll see some serious efforts.🐑

Not Just A Pretty Face

When it comes to the environment, Frodeli wants to enrich the planet, not just maintain it. Treading water isn’t good enough for us, so we set high goals and we just don’t quit! Take our cardboard boxes, for instance. As well as looking pretty fly for those apple pies, our boxes sport the FSC logo. This means that all forest products are sourced from responsibly managed forests, which protect animals and their habitats, maintain biodiversity and guarantee zero deforestation. The FSC logo also indicates that workers receive fair wages, appropriate training and operate in a safe working environment whilst still protecting the rights of local communities and indigenous people. Did we also mention our boxes are 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and 100% reusable? Not just a pretty face, huh?

Sheep Insulation Frodeli FSC Cardboard Box

Win, Win!

Our sustainable packaging doesn’t stop there though. You might have noticed that we use paper tape to seal your order as this can also be recycled. And if you like a fluffy sponge cake then you’ll love the wool insulation in your box – but, don’t worry, no sheep were harmed in the making of this packaging!  The wool is sourced from neighbouring farmers who would otherwise discard it, meaning we don’t resort to less environmentally friendly alternatives whilst supporting sheep owners in the process.  Seems like a win, win to us! Of course, the wool journey doesn’t have to end there; it can be re-used in your gardening, crafting, composting and more! If you’re really not the crafting type, don’t despair. Simply toss the wool into your garden where it will be rescued by birds and wildlife to help them build nests and keep warm!

Buckle Up!

Speaking of our neighbours, we only work with local suppliers so deliveries don’t clock up a high mileage on their way to us. This helps to minimise the impact on the environment as our precious packages spend less time on the road.  Who knew that puddings could help protect the planet?  When it comes to polluting the earth, that’s not really our thing. That’s why our carefully selected carrier values mother nature and strives to make all its deliveries carbon neutral.  It's important to us to maintain the planet for the people of today and tomorrow.

DPD Frodeli Carbon Neutral Carrier Frodeli Dessert Serving

Top Of The Food Chain

You might also be wondering why we freeze our desserts. Our products are handmade in Yorkshire and frozen to lock that fresh feeling in! This ensures your precious puds maintain their springy texture and promotes a longer shelf-life. Relaaax… you’re under no obligation to delay the eating part - freezing just means less waste in the food chain and you can have your cake and eat it or save it for a special occasion. By freezing our desserts, they’re also made more robust for delivery, so your beautiful bakes are buckled up and ready for take-off! Who wants a puddle of puds arriving on their doorstep? Not us… and we certainly don’t want that for our customers!

Dry Ice, Ice, Baby!

You could be curious about our dry ice and why we chose it to keep our creations chilled. Dry ice is longer-lasting than regular ice, so we need a smaller amount of dry ice to keep your cakes cooler for longer. This means we don’t waste water creating regular ice, and, as dry ice evaporates rather than melts, your cheesecakes don’t arrive with soggy bottoms! Mary Berry would be proud!