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Home News Office Christmas Party - Ideas For A Party To Remember!

Office Christmas Party - Ideas For A Party To Remember!

Let's make Christmas 2022 one to remember! Move over boring office dos - it's time to inject a bit of Frodeli festivity, fun and frivolity to the occasion.  

Organising a Christmas party needn't be a chore, follow our simple guidelines to make it a sure fire success without the stress.

1. Get The Decor Right

You want to create the right kind of party vibe, even if it's where you usually work.  Don't forget the photo opportunities too - for the 'gram!

Take over a corner or office and turn it into a glorious grotto.  Invest in high-impact, twinkly cluster lights, maybe some fun characters like a nutcracker guard or a light up penguin!  

Giant Christmas Acrylic Penguin with Flashing LEDs

If you plan things in advance this would be the place to put up the Christmas tree, so you're all ready to go.

2. Get This Party Started With Food & Drink

You can really wow the crowd with the right choice of refreshments.  Make it easy for everyone by combining a few different delivery options - pizza makes a great choice as the 'main course' as it suits all kinds of dietary issues and pleases the pickiest of eaters.

Then again, sometimes, you want something different to elevate the occasion and make it a party to remember. That's where we come in. Cocktails and desserts anyone? This will surely fit the bill!

pornstar martini and cheesecake party pack
Frodeli Party Packs add that celebratory specialness that's sure to make an impression in everyone's mind.  Everyone can get involved in shaking the cocktails, creating pro-chef plates with the garnishes provided and dishing up divine desserts you'll all want to devour. There are four different party packs to choose from:

Milky Melt Lindt Chocolate Cheesecake Party Pack with Pornstar Martini and Prosecco

With 12 delightful Lindt Milk Chocolate Cheesecakes, 1.5l of tantalisingly tangy Pornstar Martini (12 x 125ml) and sparkling prosecco for the ubiquitous shot this is a dessert to please.  

Lotus Biscoff Caramel Cheesecake Party Pack with Espresso Martini and Prosecco

Biscoff is a big hit at the moment, this Belgian favourite is a caramelly, crispy delight.  Again with 12 creamy, dreamy cheesecakes with a drizzly sauce to decorate, but this time with the ever popular Espresso Martini to wash it all down.  Perfect for coffee lovers, but not to worry if this is not your choice of tipple, there is also a bottle of prosecco for those who prefer to indulge in bubbles.

Raffaello Coconut Creamy Cheesecake Party Pack with Pina Colada and Prosecco

This looks super festive and it's bonus points if the white on white matches your Christmas decor! The coconut and almond cheesecakes with white chocolate sauce taste as good as it looks. The perfect pairing to a totally tropical Pina Colada, or a glass of bubbles - whatever takes your fancy.

Luscious Lemon Cheesecake Party Pack with Strawberry Daiquiri and Prosecco

A fun and fruity combo doesn't just amp up the party, it keeps it going!!  Our luscious lemony cheesecakes have a distinctly Mediterranean feel. Combined with the sweet, seductive Strawberry Daquiri, it's really a match made in heaven.  A glass of bubbles to go along side? Go on, no one's watching...

White Chocolate Lindt Cheesecake Party Pack with Cosmopolitan and Prosecco

Last but not least we have the highly sophisticated White Chocolate Lindt Cheesecakes with the classy Cosmo cocktail; for that certain kind of person who knows what they like and accepts no compromise.  Of course with added fizz to kick things off with a resounding pop!

With each party pack at just £99 and serving 12, that's just £8.25 per head for the dessert, cocktail and the bubbles as well as the memorable experience - got to be a winner!

3. Great Expectations...

Get your invitations out in plenty of time - build the anticipation and make sure as many people can come as possible. It's the top team event of the year so you want everyone there!

Be clear about what to expect and what people need to do to prepare:

  • What are the timings?
  • What is being provided?
  • What do they need to bring?
  • What should they wear?
  • Do they need to get involved in any of the preparations?
  • Are there any special arrangements for getting people home?

If you plan to do something afterwards make sure people are forewarned, you don't want some to feel left out.

4. A Little Competitive Never Hurt!

Injecting an element of competition into the party always goes down well.  Here are some fun party competitions ideas:


Frodeli comes complete with garnishes to create a gorgeous plate.  Why not get the team to show off their best chefy skills with their desserts? All you need to provide is some plates - Frodeli do the rest. The best bit, you get to eat it afterwards!

Worst Christmas Jumper Competition

Who has the worst Christmas jumper?  There are some pretty awful ones out there; cheesey, ill-fitting, terrible colours, bad taste.  You can supply accessories to make them even more horrendous - pound shops are a great source for pointless decor.  Give people a bit of notice so they can scout the charity shops and online to find something truly bad.

Disco Diva

A silent disco is SO MUCH FUN!  With a couple of different music channels to choose from, individuals can bop 'til they drop whilst everyone else can chat or listen to jolly Christmas tunes.  You can hire the equipment in and ask the gang to suggest their favourites songs for the ultimate party playlist.

An alternative, more cost-effective option is to get people to bring their own headphones and tune in to their own party favourites on their phones.

Choosing the best disco diva adds the competitive edge to the proceedings.

Christmas Quiz

Everyone loves a Christmas Quiz!  Spilt into small groups, nominate a Quiz Master and see who has the best festive knowledge.  You can find loads of question suggestions online, so it's not too much effort.

5. Festive Music

Music is essential for any festive event, and you have a few choices here.  There are loads of ready made Christmas Party Playlists available online on your favourite platforms, so if you're tight on time we'd suggest you opt for one of these.

If you want to make it more personal and get the team involved, ask everyone to suggest a few festive favourites and create your own play list.  You can even share this with everyone afterwards for their own family Christmas parties.

Alternatively Christmas Karaoke can be a big hit with a more outgoing team.  You can utilise an online Karaoke set up - or you can just get YouTube up on a screen and plug in a couple of microphones. 


You don't have to do all this alone, form a team and share the load.  Once the party starts, you'll be glad you did... and remember, you deserve to enjoy yourself too! 

🥂Have a great time. It's Christmas, after all!🥂