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Home News Seasonal Puddings - Frodeli's Top Five Autumn Warmers

Seasonal Puddings - Frodeli's Top Five Autumn Warmers

Leaves are falling, winds are changing and temperatures are dropping. To help ease you into the change in weather, we recommend Frodeli – it’s the perfect pick me up! For anyone struggling to decide on their favourite fall-worthy dessert for this week’s Frodeli Friday, we’ve rounded up our favourite Autumn picks. Chill…we got this!

Cheesecake Round – Elton’s Rocky Road 🍫

What better time to enjoy a slice of Rocky Road than on an Autumn night? An ultra-rich, ultra-chewy cheesecake with a soft centre, this brownie-inspired cake includes a rich Belgian chocolate sauce and mini marshmallows so you can truly make it your own. Chocolate curls provide the finishing touches and add a splash of colour so your pudding is sure to please.

Frodeli Elton's Rocky Road Cheesecake Frodeli Couldn't Possibly Sticky Toffee Sponge Pudding

Pudding Round – Couldn’t Possibly Toffee 🍮

Warming sticky toffee pudding is an Autumn classic, right? This is sticky toffee, but not as you know it. With its rich, treacly sauce and silky ice cream, we’re willing to bet that this is the most indulgent toffee sponge pudding you’ve ever encountered. Couldn’t Possibly Toffee? Go on, give it a go – there are worse ways to keep warm!

Crumble Round – His Majesty Will See You Now 🍏

An Autumnal crumble might just be the easiest dessert to tuck into and this one is a spectacular choice. As you sink your spoon into a bed of forest fruits hidden by a crunchy crumble blanket, you’ve got a mouthful of joy, just dripping in Madagascan vanilla custard. What could be more splendid?

Frodeli His Majesty Will See You Now Fruit Crumble Dessert Frodeli Devil In Disguise Cranberry and Pecan Tart Dessert

Tart Round – Devil In Disguise 🌰

Devil In Disguise is the perfect choice for a post Sunday dinner dessert. Bite into crisp pastry, soft pecans and juicy cranberries. Add a little clotted cream to your spoon and you’re all ready for your melt-in-the-mouth moment! Great for chilly Autumnal evenings as the wind howls outside!

Vegan Round – Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb 🍒

Move over pumpkins, there’s a new fruit in town! Meet the Cherry Bomb! With its bitter-sweet tang, this tart pud boasts the perfect bite for Autumn nights. Think bitter dark chocolate ganache followed by a sweet, fruity sugar hit! Oh, did we forget to mention the flaked almonds? Mwah! Our friend the Cherry Bomb is plant-based and is accompanied by vegan chocolate sauce and vegan cocoa powder for all the extra va-va-voom without the extra guilt. 💋  

Frodeli desserts are perfect whatever the weather, but with our warming Autumn puds to tuck into on a dark night, the cooler season just became way more fun! Spoons at the ready…